Unlock LTVC, your Lifetime Value of Champions

TrackAdvocates sends you a biweekly list of warm leads by finding your users & prospects when they move to a new company

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TrackAdvocates will help you:

Quickly ID new, high probability, qualified leads
Save accounts before they churn
Cross-sell into new departments
Leverage your customers for warm intros

Effortlessly track down your customers

Simply sync your CRM and relax as we help you get quality sales leads and notify you before a customer churns


We integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot as well as provide workarounds for other CRMs


Your data is and always will be private, protected and secure

For Sales Ops & Customer Success

Our tool allows your entire growth division to increase revenue

Get new emails of your contacts

We supply you with the new emails of your contacts who have moved jobs

Receive churn risk alerts

When you only have 1 point of contact at a company, we alert you to find a backup


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